Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two left and a Wagon Ride

After the pillar is smashed the ceilling falls killing 5 of the 7 individuals in the room. Out of the shadows comes this man. Wait.... I reconize him. It's Hugo a Paladin from my order. I try to see whats up and why he is doing this. He not having any of it. He rushes me (He must be Mad) and get knock around for a bit, but managed to fight back. I knock him down and out. The others take care of the second guy. We almost lost this one. These guys are powerful. We went down the wrong hallway. Thank Illmater for great warriors to be with in this fight against evil.

We head back into the room after defeating Hugo and see the tome. I don't know exactly what it is but I sense great evil. We grab it then make our way back out of the dungeon and head back to the castle with Hugo and the tome.

As we are only a few hours away we sense that we are being followed. Crap... Its hooded men. This isn't going to go well. They attack us. They hit me with something. I can't move. I'm frozen and can't help. My friends and I are captured. They have placed us on a wagon. I can't even see. I am chained. I peek thru and see that as the wagon moves slowly skeletons are around us on the outside of the wagon. everyone is okay. Good. But we are all in chains. I try to break the chains but can't. Tristan does and helps us get out of our chains. Now how do we get out of this wagon without being seen. The skeletons do not notice much. Tristan picks the locks and I jump out not again. I trip and fall on a skeleton.  We spoke the horses as the rest jump out. We only have to deal with the skeletons. Ha this is easy work.

We make our way back to the village and the castle. I report to the king....

Bad news my Lord.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spiders and Dark Hallways

When we were looking at the bodies to see what has happened. I glance over to see Tristan looting the dead. Rage boils within mean and i rush over to grab him. I lift him off the ground and let him know that this is not okay. I don't know who these men where but, we should never mess with the dead.

While we are looking around the area Pascal finds an entrance. So we decide to check it out. I head inside and begin to feel tiny pinpricks in my fingers. Something isn't right in here. We walk into a room and giant spiders begin to come out and attack us. I smash one with my mace and the others flee from us. Feeling a little safe again Pascal tells us that she hear noise down the right hallway leading out the room and she seems affair, maybe she doesn't like giant spiders. There is another way to the left so we head down that way.. 

As heading down the left hallway I am trying to not make a lot of noise, but I'm a big guy so I'm going to make a little noise. It's also hard to see down here. Thank Ilmater for Elves and being able to see in the dark. It seems like Pascal is always checking for things I'm not sure what she is looking for but as long as it keeps her from being scared it works. 

We are coming to the end of the hallway. Pascal sees a opening so she quietly head to the opening. Tristan, Miranna, Wencel and I stay back to hear what Pascal says she see. She comes back up to us and whispers that there is like a church going on. Guys that look evil in black ropes like what was outside. The room has pillars and a man is in the back center like he is preaching to the others. There is about seven guys in there. 

Okay so I try to sneak up and take a look of the room. As I do so I sense so much evil in the room. This whole room must be destroyed! 

I head back to the others and let them know what must happen. The group decides to let me go in a smash the pillar hoping to collapse the room on the whole on them. Pascal says create the spiders we saw earlier to distract the guys given me much need surprise to take out the right pillar over top of the large group of guys. 

Pascal makes these illusions of spiders in the top right corner. This starts to pull the attention of the group of men. As there attention goes to the spiders I rush in wielding my two-handed mace in my left hand. I jump and lay that pillar to waste and begin to run back out of the room when the ceiling begins to fall on me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Heading to the North

As the sun rises, I wake up feeling a little novice about this journey before me. I have never gone on a journey before. I had just finished training a couple of months ago. I am surprised I was even chosen to leave the Castle by myself. Although they may have known that Wencel would be here.

I gather my things and head out the temple to meet the others.

I meet up with Tristan, Miranna, Pascal, and Wencel at the gate of the Castle town.

We leave out the gate of Castle Tethyr and head Northeast toward the pass in the mountains. We make it roughly half way Miranna says before we have to bed down for the night. Not much talking was done during our first day of travel. I guess we are all still new to each other. 

As we set up camp we begin to open up more. Although most of it is just business items, like who is taking first watch, who is starting the fire. Miranna goes off hurting and let the guys know that I will take first watch. I want to get my prayers in before we eat and head to bed. Miranna returns Tristan has a fire going so we eat the rabbit and I also chow on some of my rations. It is nice of Miranna to share her food with everyone. I think that act help us to open up. As we slowly start sharing stories with each other before. Those guys finally bed down. I stay up, watch the area and keep the fire going tell Pascal and Miranna wake for the second watch. This allows me to sleep some before we head back out.

As Morning comes I feel this pressure on my chest. I open my eyes to see that its Pascal jumping on me to wake me up. Apparently its harder to wake me up then she thoughts, so Pascal decided to jump up and down on my chest. This isn't going to end well for her if she keeps this up. But, good nothing happen during the night. Well rest we pack camp and continue our journey northward.

It almost takes another days travel to make it to the pass but we made it in one peace. When we get to the pass from a distance Tristan see some bodies and cloth laying around and I begin to feel something worst in my senses.

Several bodies with black robes laying on the ground. What happen here?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Getting to know everyone and setting off

 After I received the note from the king. The two elves introduce themselves to me. The one that looks to only be half elf tells me his name is Tristan. The other who looks to be some type of royality by her clothes and how she stands among everyone. I since that vibe about her. She says, "I am Miranna Arabella".

The King directs us to get supplies and make our way north towards the pass in search of clues that might lead to understanding this note more.

Wencel, Pascal, Tristan, Miranna and I make our way to the shops to gather supplies for our journey. We enter the general store and a nice man is working the corner. I begin to chat him up and see how his day is going. Letting him know that we are heading on a journey and need supplies. Tristan and Miranna search the store for what they need. Pascal is standing nearby. The shop keeper seems to like that we are all eager to buy supplies from his store and never really seeing a half giant before like myself offers discounts on all of our purchases. The others think this is fantastic and get me to buy all their stuff. They in turn pay me back. I don't mine I'm helping in saving them money. We gather our things, I bid the shop keep a goodbye and we're out the store. 

Tristan, Miranna, Pascal, and Wencel head to the tavern for some food and drinks, while I head to the temple and pray. I plan to meet them there later. After prayer I head over to the tavern to talk to the group.about the plan of what we are head to do. When are talk has completed and my milk is finished I head to bed for when the first light comes we head off to the unknown. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The King and a Note

Received orders to go to Castle Tethyr and meet with the king. I get there and also meet this Gnome named Pascal. She is very short, but isn't the first time I'm meeting a Gnome. There is also some elves there, plus a priest of Tyr named Wencel.

The King hands me a scroll.

"Sir Yorgin,

On Behalf of the Holy Temple of Tyr, I send my messenger Wencel. Forgive the vague nature of this letter, but I cannot Risk this knowledge falling into the wrong hands. All I can say is that they're found it. Unearthed it has found it's way into their hands once more.

You must send men north, into the Starspire Mountains. Where the veins of the earth separate stone, you will find what we seek.
Godspeed Ilmatrai,
Follower of the Just God"

What am I to do?